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CSI/Orion provides superior Web development and advanced online functions to organizations that seek a maximum return from their Internet investment. Our projects result in valuable experiences for users and immediately effective, outcome-oriented solutions for clients.


CSI/Orion developers, programmers, management consultants, and designers are experts in building advanced, Web-based functions that deliver maximum interactivity and value. These functions are used to manage, verify, train, sell, and communicate with great effectiveness. CSI/Orion also has specific expertise in creating and managing highly successful promotional campaigns that deliver enormous numbers of visitors to Internet properties.

Our Importance to You

How an organization looks and performs on the Internet speaks volumes about its character. A customer's perception about the services and products a business offers can be quickly influenced by the quality and interactivity he or she experiences online. Users insist on the ability to quickly and easily achieve results. Success depends on it.

CSI/Orion helps clients deliver new and important levels of business service to their stakeholders. We also use the best elements of technology and publishing to keep people connected, organized, and productive. These improvements mean increased agility, more responsiveness, and more value for your organization.

  • Strategy and planning
  • Model programs and best practices
  • Project design and implementation
  • Information architecture and content
  • Graphics and rich media
  • Advanced technology planning and deployment
  • Staff training
  • Public education, awareness, and promotion


Creative Specialists, Inc. was formed in 1970 to provide communications services to national and international healthcare clients. Our organization has produced thousands of published works for medical and healthcare education and launched enormously successful national identity programs, making it an unprecedented leader in content development and custom publishing for healthcare.

In the early 1990s, largely through CSI's work with leading academic centers, our skill set found a perfect fit with emerging Internet technologies. Today, CSI/Orion extends CSI's capacity for developing highly functional, intuitive, Web-based communications tools to organizations beyond healthcare.

CSI Healthcare projects

We are proud to have served some of the largest and most successful clients in healthcare. Among many others, CSI has prepared projects on behalf of:

    Baxter Healthcare



    Orthopedic Hospital of Oklahoma

    American Board of Internal Medicine

    Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia

    Macy Foundation

    Emergency Medical Services Authority

    American Academy on Physicians and Patient

Medical Lists

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Internet Technologies


CSI/Orion developers are specialists in information design and in combining structure, navigability, and advanced functions to deliver user-friendly computing experiences. Our multidisciplinary structure focuses a broad range of creative thinking on every project. And our proven methodologies mean speed to completion, accountability, and cost-effective Web and intranet solutions.

Thoughtfully designed, highly functional Web sites that boast a "current" and appealing interface have:

    Improved customer service and retention

    Improved efficiency

    Decreased costs

    Increased revenues

    Increased market share

    Decreased time to market

Programming /Functionality

Visitors to a Web site want to be able to accomplish something quickly and easily! And sponsoring organizations need to create value for users while collecting and manageing huge amounts of information.

CSI/Orion programming teams create functions that bring tremendous value and a strong ROI to our clients. Combining a technical expertise with a "can-do" spirit of innovation, programmers skilled in all current technologies build cost effective solutions that enhance communications, boost customer service, improve data management, and empower great decision making!


CSI/Orion's award winning design team produces a compelling design and graphical user interface that differentiate a client's Web site and enhance the computing experience for users.

Information is a product. Through design, information can be translated into more powerful products and services, and a successful relationship building mechanism for the organization. Well-designed, intuitive, user-friendly sites encourage interactivity!

Results speak for themselves.

Case Study

Disaster Preparedness

Following the devastating terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, it became dramatically clear that the United States was not fully prepared to respond to such a disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people were asking, "What can I do to help?" And the answers were not readily available.

Since then, on a statewide, regional, and national level, there have been sweeping changes made to ensure when the question is asked again, there will be an immediate answer.

Redefining Citizenship

Today, as the "Baby Boomers" of the 50s begin to retire, they are basically redefining the idea of "senior years".

Right now, there is a "bubble" of individuals to draw from who want to volunteer for causes they believe in. This desire to get involved and having the time to commit is literally redefining what citizenship means. And seniors are stepping forward as never before to volunteer.

The challenge for organizations is to find ways to attract these volunteers. Interactive, easy to use Web sites that offer added value to the volunteer, coupled with information the user wants, can set your organization apart.

Technology Support

The technological challenge is to strategically develop a model of communication that can quickly mesh these tremendous human resources with the immediate needs of a community or region thrown into chaos by disaster.

CSI/Orion develops and markets a full suite of services and technology solutions that form the basis for Web-based platforms for volunteer recruitment, credentialing, training, management, and deployment. The resulting tools are custom from the ground up, yet integrate easily with other database applications and emerging national protocols. Most importantly, they are designed to the specifications, needs, and desires of the administrators who will use them.

Citizen Corps

Tulsa and organizations such as the Tulsa Citizen Corps have long been recognized as national leaders in disaster management planning. Communities across the nation are trying to emulate preparedness systems Tulsa currently has in place.

Most recently, we created a dynamic web-based tool for Tulsa Citizen Corps volunteers to signup, register for classes, track volunteer hours, and much more. The site features maximum administrative control over large amounts of information and user-friendly interfaces, as well as a host of disaster preparedness information and functionality that encourages users to revisit the site often.

The Web site is viewed by people on six continents and by users in more than half the states in the United States.

Medical Reserve Corps

The State of Oklahoma is widely considered a leader in the area of emergency and disaster preparedness.

Currently, we are working with the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps organization to build a customized, interactive communication tool that will integrate with national protocols being developed by the MRC. This web-based technology solution will enable users to perform vital tasks easily in a user-friendly environment that truly represents the dynamic character of this organization.

The Future

We are currently involved in helping develop information architecture and best practices which may help forge the design for an interactive, national network of volunteers.

Employing cutting-edge technology with the knowledge and understanding gained through developing grassroots solutions to national issues, CSI/Orion is at the forefront of this exciting and important area of national security and disaster preparedness.

By giving users a customizable tool they can easily use and understand, we provide them with a solution that will meet their needs today and into the future.

Site Traffic


With the proper knowledge, creativity, planning, and technology, it is now possible to deliver very high traffic and very high capture rates to well developed, high-performance Web sites. This can be a huge competitive advantage and a significant source of new business for many organizations.

Search-Driven Advertising

Users of Internet search engines, second only in number to users of e-mail, have a current desire for information related to the search terms they enter. This ubiquitous need for relevant search results has spawned a myriad of sophisticated, ever changing technology platforms designed to: (a.) furnish users with reliable information; (b.) provide advertisers with access to consumers when it most timely and relevant.

Success in search-driven advertising depends on much more than technology and budget. It is highly dependent on campaign strategy, creative content, and the success of a clients Internet presence in attracting users. In fact, algorithms used to determine vital search positions (for example, number one on Google) are based to a great degree on performance.

CSI/Orion is proficient in the creation and implementation of search driven advertising that drives traffic and achieves incredible results.


Since 2003, CSI/Orion has designed and managed exceptional online campaigns and, using Google, Overture, and other successful search engine technologies, achieved spectacular success for our clients. This unique, industry-specific experience in the design and management of search advertising can be utilized to produce extraordinary traffic to Web properties we create or redevelop.

Value Proposition

Create Value

Create added value for your organization's stakeholders [including customers, investors, employees, business partners, volunteers, and many others] by: a.) developing custom, Web-based functions that enable important tasks to be performed easily and b.) bringing elegant design to the organization's Web site.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI by implementing a targeted, cost-effective, national promotional strategy, based on specific advanced technologies, that will result in extraordinary increases in Web site traffic, drive sales, and build relationships.

Enhance Loyalty & Relationship Mgmt

Increase loyalty and benefit relationship management by deploying a cutting-edge site that speaks volumes about the character and quality of the organization.

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